Lamprini Chantziara

Lamprini Chantziara was born in the cosmopolitan Greek island of Corfu, where she has lived for the most part of her life.

She graduated from the Veloudakis School of Fashion in Athens with a degree in fashion and jewelry design and she worked for several years as a creative designer at well-known firms specializing in women’s clothing and footwear.

She has taken part in numerous international exhibitions, having also travelled many times in New York, Europe, India and the Far East. Those trips contributed significantly to her artistic aspirations. For the last years she lives and works in Athens.

Lamprini has always had an eye for natural stones and unique jewelry. From when she was a child, she adored watching her mother and grandmother using traditional knitting and crochet techniques. This led to an early love and understanding of her craft. Surrounded by the flourishing culture of Corfu, she grew up along with her passion about fashion and accessorizing. She started giving her creations as gifts to friends, but soon found herself selling them in fine boutiques worldwide.

It was in early 2010 that she decided to turn her passionate hobby into a profession and she created her first personal collection. Since then she keeps on creating imaginative one-of-a-kind jewelry aiming to bring a natural glow to every woman.

In her handmade creations, Lamprini uses favorite traditional techniques and combines materials such as fine quality knitting yarns, metal chains, swarovski crystals and semi-precious stones.

Following an inventive design process, through endless striking color combinations and a unique mix of contemporary and vintage, she creates a perpetual game that leads every time to astounding results!